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Addis Ababa University
Haramaya University
Jimma University
Arbaminch University

Our Courses

Jimma University
Operations Management
Acquire the expertise to effectively navigate the operational obstacles that arise in a constantly changing economy.
Start Date: December 2, 2024
Haramaya University
Project Management Foundations: An Organizational Perspective
Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to approach and execute projects with greater effectiveness and efficiency.
Start Date: September 16, 2024

Why You Choose
Ahadu Academy?

Ahadu enables professionals to adapt to change in the workplace and stay ahead of trends in business and technology.
Our courses are tailored to the latest skills needed to prepare for the future and drive your career or business forward.
Every 5 years an employe's skill set will only be as half as it was previously
Douglas Thomas & Jhon eely Brown
"The new culture of learning"

Our Aproach

We deliver market-led executive education courses that equip working professionals with the expertise required for the workplace of the future through an immersive online experience. With a data-driven approach, we analyze future skills requirements and ensure that all our courses address this need.

We ensure that leading universities and institutions are your expert guides and our people, technology, and resources are your engine – together we power more than just education, we power your potential.
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